Youth Programs

Imagine learning things just as naturally as you learned how to walk. With our unique ways of injecting fun into our programs, we help youth to enjoy taking on new challenges and persist to success. This builds individual self-esteem and confidence while strengthening others-minded respect and team-work.

Sports Clubs

Our sports offerings vary by season. We are currently running the below listed programs. We can also develop and facilitate customized curricula for more personalized sports orĀ adventure programs.

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Spring Soccer Club
  • Starting Strength (Weight Lifting)

School Programs

Developing well-rounded people able to deal exceptionally with mental, emotional, and physical challenges begins as children. High Road Adventure Company facilitates customized English-based curricula that strengthens problem-solving skills in a fun, natural way. Our approach to learning is light-hearted yet encourages personal growth.

Designed programs may be delivered as part of your school’s physical education class or as a longerĀ outdoor adventure excursion.